BAN Launches E-Stewards Trading Platform

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BAN Launches E-Stewards Reporting App

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BAN, WarpSpeed Target Game Industry E-Waste

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Iron Mountain’s First Sustainability Report: Electricity Use Drops 9%

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Staples, ERI Partner On E-Waste Recycling

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Fed E-Waste Practices ‘Shameful,’ E-Stewards Group Says

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Armstrong Named An E-Stewards Enterprise

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Sims Recycling Achieves E-Stewards Status

Electronics recycling company Sims Recycling Solutions has achieved e-Stewards certification at all of its US processing sites and its Toronto plant, Storage and Destruction Business reports. The company’s two additional Canadian sites in Vancouver and Montreal are scheduled to be certified this summer, SRS says. Additional certifications maintained by SRS include Responsible Recycling (R2), ISO 9001 and 14001, Read More »

Globix Achieves E-Stewards Certification

IT asset management company Globix has achieved e-Stewards certification. The company provides customers with secure IT disposal, detailed audit reports, certificates of destruction/recycling, mobile shredding and trade-in programs.

SMS Systems Maintenance Services Certified

SMS Systems Maintenance Services, a managed IT asset lifecycle support services company, has achieved e-Stewards certification. SMS’s offerings include hardware maintenance, IT asset management, managed network and VoIP services, product deployment, relocation, data erasure, media destruction and IT asset recycling.

Lockheed Martin Earns E-Stewards

Lockheed Martin has earned e-Stewards Enterprise designation for responsible electronic waste management from the Basel Action Network. Certified companies pledge to prevent hazardous materials in improperly managed end-of-life electronics from having adverse impacts on people and the environment, BAN said.

ITADSecurity Certified As E-Stewards

Data security service provider ITADSecurity has been certified as an e-Stewards Enterprise for committing to using electronics recyclers certified to the e-Stewards Standard. ITADSecurity’s software automatically manages IT inventory throughout its lifecycle from acquisition through disposition.

Merit EPartners Achieves E-Stewards Certification

Merit ePartners of Stockton, California has achieved e-Stewards certification. Merit is a a 501(c)(3) nonprofit social enterprise that employs past offenders to process corporate e-waste for reuse and recycling.

Cyber City Joins E-Steward Enterprise Program

Cloud computing company Cyber City has joined the e-Stewards Enterprise program, to ensure that its e-waste will be preferentially managed by e-Stewards Certified Recyclers. The Basel Action Network says Cyber City is the first technical support company based in New York‘s “silicon alley” to become an e-Stewards Enterprise.

Bargain Bytes Achieves E-Stewards Certification

Sioux Falls Bargain Bytes has achieved e-Stewards Certification. The company works with e-waste generators including municipalities and large businesses, and is an authorized Microsoft Refurbisher.

Arrow Electronics To Certify Globally With E-Stewards

Arrow Electronics will be the first global e-Stewards recycler to take the program to all its facilities on multiple continents, standard administrator Basel Action Network announced. Under a three-year agreement, BAN will certify nine Arrow processing facilities in the United States, six in Europe and one in Brazil.

DP Electronic Recycling Certified To E-Stewards

DP Electronic Recycling is now a certified e-Stewards Recycler. The company specializes in end-of-life recycling, asset management, data destruction, and electronic purchasing options.

Covanta Subsidiary Earns E-Stewards Certification

BAN also announced that ECOvanta, an e-waste recycling subsidiary of Covanta Energy Corporation, has achieved e-Stewards certification. ECOvanta’s facility serves businesses, government and communities throughout the mid-Atlantic and New England. 

Friendly Earth Certified

Friendly Earth, a non-profit recycler in Washington state, has been certified to the e-Stewards standard. It is one of only three e-Stewards recyclers in the state, according to the Basel Action Network.

4th Bin Earns Certification

Recycling company 4th Bin has earned e-Stewards certification to become the first e-waste recycler in New York City to meet the standard. 4th Bin policies prohibit exports to developing countries, the use of landfills and incinerators, and the use of prison labor for hazardous materials derived from e-waste. Earning e-Stewards certification also includes the R2 Read More »